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Designed by special forces' shooting instructors

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. As trainers of special forces and law enforcement we wanted a practice target that will help us do our job. Meaning, conduct a safe and productive shooting practices. Hence, we designed the RTS Target to adhere to 3 core principals: safety, durability and ease of use.

Portable Wireless Shooting-Range Hit Counting System

  • You shoot, we do the counting. No more trips down the range or using a scope to find out how many hits were on-target. The RTS Numerator accurately counts every hit and keep track of all hits made.
  • Control up to 9 targets simultaneously. The RTS Numerator collects hits data from up to 9 targets, keeps a counter for each, and displays results.
  • Easy to set up. The RTS Numerator wirelessly communicate with each of the targets. It literally takes few minutes to set up.
  • Perfect for all types of shooting practice. The RTS Numerator is used in individual shooting practice, group shooting practice, snipers shooting practice, and multi-target practice. And, it is used with all types of weapons: handguns, rifles, automatic, and semi-automatic.
  • Faster and safer: more shooting, less walking. The RTS Numerator saves time and increase safety for the shooter and others. Eliminating the need to get into the range's fire-zone to check on-target hits, allow for more shooting in a shorter time.

The RTS Target: Safe, Self-Sealing, Durable, and Lightweight

  • No metal parts, no ricochets. Ricochets are the second risk factor during the shooting practice (the first, off course, is a direct hit). The RTS Target parts are all made from special polymers ensuring the safety of the shooter even when shooting from a point-blank range.
  • Maintains its shape and form. Cardboard and paper based targets lose their forms after one practice. The RTS Target is made from a unique self-sealing polymer which allow bullets to pass thorough with minimal damage. The RTS Target maintains its shape even after thousands of hits and in all weather conditions.
  • Easy to set up, easy to store. The RTS Target is lightweight, easy to assemble, and takes very little space when stored.
  • Universal usage. The RTS target is great for indoor and outdoor ranges, it is used for rifle and handgun practices, and it is used for law enforcement, military and recreational training.



Adjustable Reactive Target

Using the RTS Smart Joint the target will be knocked over when hit. The target's reaction sensitivity can be altered so that it will knock over after a single hit or by a series of rapid hits.
Smart joint

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